Sterns and Foster KS mattress is crowning in the center.

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In October 2013, we purchased a S & F "Jannie" luxury pillowtop mattress (king size) from JARRETTSVILLE FURNITURE.After one week of sleeping on the bed the center began to crown (raise up).

With 2 people sleeping on a KS mattress, one seldom sleeps in the middle. Jarrettsville furniture said they could not do anything about this because it is not raised 1 1/2 inches in the center. They told us to monitor it and measure the crown and when it reaches 1 1/2 inches, they will exchange it. We paid $1200 which we thought was a great price.

However, at the time of purchase no one said it's king size so sleep in the middle so it does not crown. We also called "Sealy" who now owns S&F. We spoke with a representative from their "customer service" department. She told us it does happen and she clearly understands our concern but we should have moved the mattress 2 inches diagonally every week to allow it to wear evenly.

(Something about the foam distribution). She also said that not all the KS mattresses do this. Our next one may not crown even without moving it around. Sealy will not replace this with out the crown being 2 inches above the rest of the mattress.

WHY ISN'T THIS REVEALED AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE? Foam distribution, crowning, rotating the mattress so it is diagonal to the frame - come on, if this is not a rip off, I don't know what is. I want everyone to know about this. This mattress was tagged $4300.

Sealy and Jarrettsville Furniture should be exposed.If they are aware of this happening then why don't they tell you?

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